Best Happy Hour Spots In Vancouver?

Whenever I’m in town I hit up Fortes patio as it’s one of the best in the city but their happy hour drink list could be better. Molson for happy hour? There are cheaper places for sure. Vancouver’s totally lacking in rooftop patios, by the way. In Toronto, they’re everywhere.

Spring and autumn feature transitional temperatures and mostly clear conditions. Various festivals, sports championships, and seasonal celebrations create perfect reasons to reserve a stay at one of the Entertainment District Toronto hotels throughout the year. Ready to see some unforgettable landmarks? Stop at the CN Tower, the SkyDome, and the Roy Thomson Hall. The many famous theatres in town feature ballet performances, plays, and orchestras.

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Classic cocktails never really go out of style, and in Toronto they are alive and well. Bartenders from across the city already cherish the art of making a mean drink but they respect the fine art of creating the classics that continue to be asked for by young and old alike. Here’s where you can find 10 of the best-made classic cocktails from around Toronto.

Spirit House is all about the experience of the drink and using all five senses, and you’ll use all five when enjoying this classic. A Canadian rye whiskey (Pike Creek) is mixed with simple syrup and aged house bitters, then poured into an Old Fashioned glass with a sphere of ice.

Delicious and well balanced, it’s best to take your time, enjoy and take in the entire experience of drinking a classic made the right way. A drink that dates back more than 100 years, the Tom Collins at DEQ is treated with respect.

  • The Calvin Bar
  • Fault in Our Stars by John Green
  • King Street West | 416-598-4730 |
  • Ounce Fernet Branca
  • Adelaide Street West
  • The Edge (70 Gerrard Street East)
  • Beverley Tavern (240 Queen Street West)

Tanqueray gin and fresh lime juice are mixed together with ice, then shaken, strained and poured into a Collins glass, topped with a cherry and a slice of lemon. Clear, consistent and classically refreshing. Get ready for a daiquiri you’ll never forget.

Coming in two components, first there is the coconut which is filled with a refreshing mixture of spiced rum, fresh pineapple, in-house made almond orgeat, fresh lime juice and maraschino liqueur. In the dish, you have all those same flavours but in edible texture, including coconut milk, coconut rum snow, toasted coconut, rasped almond, orange and lime zest, rum and vanilla brunoise.

The margarita at Reposado is one of the most sought after drinks, and for good reason. After all, the staff here have nailed down the art of making this classic cocktail. And the key is balance. Southern Accent has been around for more than 30 years, and during that time the mint julep has never been taken off the menu. It’s a consistent favourite year after year.

Your classic bourbon and brandy is mixed together with house-made mint syrups to go along with a mint grown in a back garden. Named after the inventor Henry Ramos, this classic is also known as the New Orleans Fizz. First created in the late 19th century, it use to take nearly 12 minutes to make it.

The staff at Hoof Cocktail Bar keep it original and make it quickly so you can enjoy it quickly. Gin, citrus, cream and egg white, orange blossom water with a splash of soda water to create its hard top. If there’s one place in Toronto that’s known for a spectacular selection of smooth, elegant martinis, it’s Byzantium.